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Fred is running for office to encourage working people to take political action in their own name, and to build a fight-back against the corporate and government attacks we face.

1. Defend unions and workers’ rights to organize! For an independent labor party based on a democratic,      fighting labor movement.

2. Stop all deportations now! Amnesty now! Equal rights for immigrants! No wall! No Muslim ban! No refugee ban!

3. Black Lives Matter! Jail killer cops. Dismantle the racist police and the criminal justice system!

4. Reparations for Puerto Rico, for African-American, indigenous and all colonized communities.


5. Reproductive Justice: Free, accessible contraception and abortion on demand. The right to raise healthy children.


6. Quality Free Public Childcare/Eldercare for all, 24-7. Free education for life. 

7. Full civil and human rights for the LGBTQI community.

8. Free quality universal public health care now! 

9. Emergency conversion to 100% renewable energy.

10. Dismantle the U.S. war machine. End U.S. aid to Israel! For a democratic secular Palestine!

Working people create all value.

We should decide what to do with it.

1. Tax all annual income over $250,000 at 100%.

2. Bring all troops home now and end all military spending.

3. Place the largest banks and corporations under public ownership and the democratic control of working people and their communities.

With these resources we can create...​

  1. An emergency conversion to 100% renewable power

  2. The right to free quality public health care for all for life

  3. The right to quality housing, education, food and transportation for all, for life.

  4. The right to a job and a secure retirement at top union wages for all

  5. Massive public works projects

  6. A shorter work week that does not reduce pay – Automation should mean less time at work for all, not unemployment.



For a workers’ government - Abolish capitalism - Build socialism

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